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To translate a menu from English to Irish

A client recently asked me to translate a menu from English into Irish. A pretty easy task you would think. Not as easy as you would expect though.


The dictionary must be referred to for the various foods and, of course, many less extensively used foods can be found on or té but sometimes is good enough to help in times of need too, whether you would believe it or not.


The layout of the menu must then be adapted to suit the language. Please note that the Irish versions are often longer than the English words. For example, many people understand GF in English but it should probably be left as ‘Saor ó Ghlútan’ in Irish for ease of understanding. So sometimes the Irish text can't fit in a text box easily and there is a lot of to and fro needed and also sometimes it may be necessary to reduce the text and even change the font to make the accented words equal to the other text.

When the layout is fixed, the translator is sometimes dying with the hunger thinking about all the delicious foods. That’s another problem to overcome! Hunger is a good sauce, and the work of the translator often stimulates hunger!

If you need a perfectly accurate, high-quality translation from English to Irish and the text needs to be revised by a skilled professional translation company don’t hesitate to contact Dréimire – Language Solutions.