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Swimming Against the Current!

You‘d think that swimming would be easy for me since I’m of Connemara origin and the sea was almost on my doorstep! Not as it seems! I didn't learn to swim until I was a grown-up. I was always terrified of water, and it was like swimming against a waterfall to try to persuade me!  


Swimming lessons have been at the heart of the curriculum in national schools in recent years and that was another reason to learn swimming – to inspire and encourage my two children.


Now that I’m married to a farmer near the midlands, it might seem strange that I've been able to learn swimming and I'm finally doing well. I love the sensation of the water against my body as I swim the crawl and with more practice, I would be able to do a length if I could master the breathing properly. I love the backcrawl as there are no breathing issues unless you drown in the process!


Of course, there are plenty of swimming classes for adults all over the country. I highly recommend swimming as an exercise not only for the body but for the mind as well.


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