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Music to my Ears!

Music to my ears!


My little son has already reached the age of 7 and some people have mentioned that he should start learning music! The right age to start learning is said to be when the child can read and write, or about 7 years of age. I started learning the piano myself at the age of 7 but I only managed to get as far as grade four alas.


We hope that our children will go further than that. Watch this space!  Our youngest child who is 4 and a half (and 'the half’ is very important to her!) is very musical and my son is also very fond of music.


Similarities between learning a language and learning music.

Traditionally, music has been involved in bringing people together. Language is the same – most people don't speak to themselves; two or more people must communicate.


Studies have shown that the same area of the brain is active with musicians listening to music and listening to language. People remember music in the same way as speaking.

Even without words, we can tell the difference between different people playing the same piece of music. The way our brain processes language and music is to recognise more words or notes, it is very complicated and uses similar areas of the brain again.

A 2010 study showed that people who studied music before or about seven years of age developed more vocabularies and a better understanding of grammar than those who did not. It is also considered to be easier for those who learned a musical instrument at an early age to learn a second language or, indeed, a third language later in life.

Many studies have been carried out on the links between learning music or a second language and a lower risk of dementia in old age.

So, if you want to keep your brain healthy, learning music or a second language may help you.


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