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Translation providers such as Dréimire – Language Services use many kinds of online resources and dictionaries in order to provide accurate translations from English to Irish.  One of the most highly recognised and widely used dictionary resources is Foras na Gaeilge's English-Irish Dictionary, accessible at, which was launched in 2013. The dictionary is available free of charge, and has been adapted to work both on desktop computers and on mobile devices.  As well as translations for the English content, the dictionary also contains grammatical information and sound files to assist with pronunciation.

How do I look up grammatical information?

Click on the part-of-speech tag which appears immediately after the Irish translation. For example, if you’ve looked up black, and you want to see the grammatical information for the Irish translation dubh, you would click on the tag ‘adj1’ beside it.

As well as this, Foras na Gaeilge will be holding workshops on how best to use, té and other helpful apps during Oireachtas na Samhna in Killarney over the coming days in The Gleneagle Hotel.  Please check out the details here if you would like to attend.

If you need a perfectly accurate, high-quality translation from English to Irish and the text needs to be revised by a skilled professional translation company don’t hesitate to contact Dréimire – Language Solutions.