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Bircher Muesli

There is no place like home. This was true when our visitors left and returned home to Switzerland recently! There were four people visiting in the house, but the children were happy to have their cousins over and as they say, silence is golden.


One thing that impressed me during their visit was Swiss food not to mention Swiss chocolate! They left plenty of gifts behind, and Bircher Muesli was one of them, bless them. I remember one morning my brother-in-law handed me a bowl and said ‘Try it!’ It was so tasty! It is not like the Alpen muesli we are accustomed to in this country.


It consisted of oats, nuts, dry fruits, coconut mixed with yogurt, milk and grated apple. However, it must be stored with the liquid the night before in the fridge, or it won’t taste good. You will certainly enjoy it the following morning.


Hunger is a good sauce, and the work of the translator often stimulates hunger!

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