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MemoQ - Our Translation Tool

Translation providers such as Dréimire – Language Services use many kinds of Computer Aided Translation software tools in order to provide accurate translations from English to Irish for a variety of clients in Ireland and all over Europe.  memoQ is one of the most highly recognised and widely used CAT tools that Dréimire – Language Services use on a regular basis.

memoQ is a translation management system that helps you manage and automate your localization processes on a global scale. Whether you are an enterprise, a language service provider, or a translator, memoQ offers tailored features, advanced features, and AI-based technology to suit your needs You can download the latest and previous releases of memoQ from their website They offer a range of products including memoQ translator pro, memoQ project manager, memoQ server, memoQ cloud, and more

If you need a perfectly accurate, high-quality translation from English to Irish and the text needs to be revised by a skilled professional translation company don’t hesitate to contact Dréimire – Language Solutions.